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Wyammy Ranch fleeces have won Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons at the California National Wool Show, the Monterey Wool Festival, and many First, Champion and Supreme Champion awards at the Sonoma County Fair.

Wyammy Ranch sheep were originally selected, and continue to be selected, for their ability to produce high quality fleeces. Romney fleeces are soft and silky, with excellent lustre and lock formation. Although Romney sheep are the basis of the flock, Targhee (that produces a fine, white wool) and Wenselydale (that produces a long, silky, mohair-like wool) and their crosses are also available providing a wide variety of fleece choices. Many fleeces are suitable for garments. Some are coarser and thus more appropriate for rugs, tapestry, and needlepoint yarns. Extra long (8"-9") colored Hoggetts for combing are the Ranch speciality.

  Fleeces are available in a variety of natural colors including white, creme, brown, gray and black.

Characteristics of our fleece include:
  • Dense and free opening
  • Locks well defined crimp
    Yearly staple length at least 5"
  • Well crimped from butt to tip
  • Uniform fleece over body
  • Fleece lustrous, hangs in separate locks with minimal cross-fibering
  • High yield and easily spun
  • Free of kemp and hair
  • Annual production 8#+ for ewes and 12#+ for rams
  • Grade 50 - 44 (29-36 microns)
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